Brand Story

Shenzhen Arington Technology Co., Ltd., Ltd.Since the establishment of the Audio Business Department, a new era of the company's new brand started. The CelsusSound brand, which focuses on the innovation of acoustic technology, was born spectacularly.

Originating from the advocacy and persistence of the health concept of the ancient Roman medical scientist Celsus, under the guidance of the brand concept "much healthier, much safer, much easier", the CelsusSound team forged the first air conduction open ear headphone S300 and launched it on the market in 2022, committing itself to delivering real and natural sounds to the end users. 


CelsusSound is committed to the research in the audio acoustics field the and the R&D, design, production and sales of related products. Relying on the design team with the German Red Dot Award gene, combined with the characteristics of ergonomics, CelsusSound has developed the S series open ear sports headphones with originality. 

 In the spirit of being responsible for users, CelsusSound has walked out of a differentiation path in terms of product ID design, quality control and external packaging. The packaging inner cup is made of food grade edible environmental protection bagasse material. The product uses air conduction technology, with bright and transparent high pitch, full and round middle pitch, and powerful thrilling bass, the S series becomes unique on the market and opens a new era for human beings to listen to sound in a new 

In October 2022, it was the first time for CelsusSound to go to overseas. At the Hong Kong station of CelsusSound brand voyage, the S series open ear sports headphones shone brilliantly at the Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition and were favored by customers at home and abroad.

We always believe that technology can change life; We always believe that great brands are accompanied by outstanding products to help people achieve a better life; We always firmly believe that CelsusSound will create an infinite bright future for consumers.